The Candle and Card Co FAQ section

Production Time

 Please remember that all my products are handmade by me, so you need to allow time for me to make your order before it is shipped.  General production times are set out below, however at busy times such as leading up to Christmas orders can take a little bit longer to prepare.

Medals; 1-3 days

Printed cards; 1-3 days

Handmade cards; 2-4 days

Prayer cards; 1-3 days

Jewelry/rosaries/key rings/pendants; 3-5 days


 I ship WORLDWIDE, however I am in FRANCE, so please be aware that shipping to the USA and other far away places such as Australia and Japan can take up to 15 days!!  Card orders and anything else that goes in a flat envelope do not usually take this long, but they can at busy times such as the holidays.  The usual time for orders to reach countries outside of the EU is 7-10 days.

Please remember that all my products are handmade by me, so you need to allow time for me to make your order before it is shipped,. You need to add a few days to the  estimated shipping time   to get the total time it may take for you to receive your order.  If you are worried that your order might not get to you in time for a particular event please contact me before you order and I can give you a clearer idea of whether it is feasible for you to receive your order on time.


Many of my products are available with a personalised option, this will be stated in the listing for the individual product and there will be a message box for you to complete with the text that you would like. You can find out more about customisation here.

If a product is not shown as customisable and you would like a personalised version please contact me.

Medals are not available with engraving. However if there is a particular saint that you would like a medal of please contact me.  There is a minimum order of three medals, but they do not have to be all the same saint.  The reason for the minimum order is that it can take an hour or two to find a suitable image of a saint and prepare the design for a medal, rather than charge the customer for the design work I request that they purchase a minimum number of medals.

Looking After Our Planet

All of the paper and card I use is  recycled  or from sustainable sources. Wherever possible I re-use shipping packaging. 

I do use some small plastic bags to package some of my products in, however these are from recycled material and I am looking at alternatives.



😞 Unhappy with your order, no problem, just contact me within 14 days to return the item for a refund (excludes personalised/custom orders and digital products).

📦 If your order arrives damaged I will send a replacement, you just need to send me a photograph of the damage.

Got a Question Not Covered Here?

Please contact me, if there is anything that is unclear or not covered. I appreciate hearing your questions as it helps me add more information to this section.