Candles and Cards, Pendants and Packaging - These are a few of my favourite things

Hello, thank you for stopping by. Enjoy taking a stroll around my virtual shop. My candles and cards and many of my other products are all hand made from scratch by me, Kim. The other goodies in my store are my own design but I use bought-in components to make up the finished items. Each hand made item begins life in my imagination, I then try to design what I have imagined and turn my design into a physical product, those that make it through the process you will see in my store, the others stand in a pile in my studio, waiting for me to re-think them.
I have always been arty and crafty and have been making greeting cards for a long time. Quite a few years ago, a local shop asked me to make cards for them, then wedding and baptism candles, the cards and candles have proved very popular, so I opened an Etsy shop in 2014, followed by a real shop in Lourdes, France, which opened on March 21st 2015.

I am very excited to have outlets for my creativity. Summer is very busy in my physical shop, so winter it the time to think about new designs and start producing new ranges. I always have my 'idea' list with me and as I get new ideas I jot them down. Many of my ideas are a result of clients asking me for a custom order either on Etsy or in my physical shop.

My designs are inspired by everything around me, by nature, a photograph in a magazine or online, a customer, a conversation, the seasons, events. I never know when or where an idea will pop into my head. I often dream ideas whilst sleeping!

I love the process of imagining, of taking an idea and turning it into a physical item. I am immensely proud when I see my products lined up ready to be packed up and shipped off to far flung corners of the globe.

My motto in life is 'we are each the author of our own lives', starting The Candle and Card Co. is a direct consequence of my living by my motto.

I hope you enjoy browsing my Etsy store and if you have any questions please send me a convo.

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